To All The Extraordinary Women I Know

Today is a perfect day to acknowledge all the extraordinary women in my life! We have so much to be grateful for – and so many things we want to accomplish. We can do it if we help each other deal with the questions, our fears, and get to those precious moments of enlightment. Thank you for your strength in supporting me. I appreciate all of you.

I recently had a unique leadership/life learning experience. I joined a group of coaches being certified in equine alchemy. The process is all about mindfulness and getting our hearts connected with our guts and our brains. So many of us – let me speak for myself – I spend a lot of time living in my head. I  strategize, plan, execute, evaluate, tweak, rinse and repeat.

What I learned from Lilley, a beautiful brown mare, was how to connect with another being so deeply that she nuzzled me and followed me around the coral without a word being spoken. She didn’t have a bridle. I didn’t have a way to stop her if she got nervous. We bonded. (To see Lilley, click here). I gained a deeper appreciation of leadership in relationship. You can’t have followership without leadership, and you can’t have leadership without the connection.

I think of all the people I’ve connected with and how long they have been in my life.  Ann, Sandy, Diane, Kathy, Gisele, Shelli, Sharyn, Lynn, Mary Jean, Gabrielle, Ria, Lisa, Sally, Jamie, Jill, Carol, Jackie, Darcie, Joyce, Tera, Diana, Michelle, … the list goes on. We can’t lead without the purity that comes from connecting deeply with others. I also think of all the passersby in life and what makes the difference between being present and grounded and connecting with them – and what gets in the way. My life changed in that moment with Lilley. She brought me the gift of love and connectedness, along with unconditional love and trust that we are aligned with good reason. It was a timeless moment.

For all those in our lives that we trust, that we love, that we support and for those who need our help getting there, let’s create a connection that leads to an epiphany. Let it loose. You can’t be harmed by the right thoughts and actions. Be yourself. Fully. As strong, confident, self-reflective women – let’s make our relationships and work environments surrounding us appreciate our talents and our hearts. This is International Women’s Day. Let’s tap into the “power of the herd!” Let’s celebrate. You can do anything you truly believe in. Make it happen. Have a positive impact TODAY, RIGHT NOW, and watch what happens.