VIP Package:

3-month accelerated coaching package

This accelerated package for executives supports three months of intensive bi-weekly coaching sessions based on the executive’s assessment. This package includes a detailed Stakeholder 360 Assessment, selected psychometric assessments and in-person interviews with the client. This package supports executives who need an expert coach to provide accountability coaching.

Global Executive Coaching Package

9-12 months

This service includes the highest level of attention and dedication throughout an engagement which includes in-person coaching, management team alignment and team coaching and telephone consultation between in-person sessions for nine to twelve months. Your coaching will begin with an in-depth confidential executive assessment with your key stakeholders including the person you report to, your key peers and your direct reports. As appropriate, this assessment may include customers and important external partners. Your assessor will thematically analyze your stakeholder views with your personal career and life plan providing important and critical insights with which to form a new plan for your future. When combined with a Big Five personality assessment, executive clients gain significant insight into what they need to do to perform at optimal levels to achieve their future goals. Based on your unique needs, your coach will work with you as well as your direct management team to leverage your team’s strengths as you engage them in new ways and achieve new heights in your career.

High Potential Women’s Leadership Coaching.

6-month package

Gender plays a significant role in the corporate hierarchy and no one knows this better than a high-potential female executive on her way up. This coaching package is targeted at the Vice President moving to Senior Vice President of a function or operating role, or a Senior Director making the career turn to Vice President and General Manager, or a top functional role in a Division. Your operating style and targeted development will need to balance what you are good at with the new skills required to manage your visibility with greater ease.

In addition to a Stakeholder 360 with your sponsor and advocates inside and outside the organization, your direct staff and your peer group will be invited to provide input on your developmental needs: both strengths and gaps. When combined with a comprehensive assessment of your leadership capacity, business acumen, presence, and public speaking skills, your stakeholder

assessment will pinpoint those areas with the greatest leverage for your future success. Your coach will present the findings of your assessment and work with you collaboratively to design a monthly, quarterly, and annual plan for your development. This individual plan will be monitored with the coach on a schedule consistent with your availability.

Most coaching sessions will be in person with supplemental video conference or telephone coaching to meet your demanding schedule. At the end of the first six-month engagement, you can determine the extent of progress achieved and decide to continue for another three to six months. Your coach is available to re-engage with you throughout your career as you receive consistent promotions on your way to the top.

Global General Management Coaching

6-month coaching package with extensions for two additional six month coaching engagements.

Global general managers have a unique set of challenges based on the complex, multi-cultural environments within which they function. Louise Korver is an expert executive coach to global leaders, with 16 years of intensive training on the unique developmental tools for global leaders. After an initial assessment of the global leaders, Louise designs an individual development plan and engages with the client to achieve success in their unique requirements which could include understanding the unique cross-cultural dimensions of their staff and business operations, pre-travel preparation for global trips, and on-going support for negotiation and business interactions within highly-complex multi-level business relationships, including chairing joint-ventures, managing far-flung operations, and maintaining visibility to global operating committees outside of the host country. These services are not related to expat family preparation, however, Global Executive Development Partners works closely with mobility firms to discretely handle education, tax, and other matters for expatriates or global nomads.

Career Coaching Package

4-month accelerated coaching package for MBAs

This package for high-potential MBAs provides a resume review, an assessment using the Strong-Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Step-II Type Indicator, two rounds of editing on your resume and four coaching sessions to get you ready for the next step in your career. Additional coaching is available for pre-interview practice, post-interview debriefs and compensation package negotiation strategies and tactics.

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