Executive Assessment Services

These services are provided under contract to a participating client organization. Contact us for further information.

Selection Services

We provide executive assessment for selection under the auspices of an executive search partner. Contact us for additional information about these services and to receive a referral to our search partner.

Development Services

We provide individualized executive assessment for executives on the succession track, which includes a package of services including:

  • A career and life history interview with the client
  • Interviews with 12-15 key stakeholders (superiors, peers, and direct reports; customers and other external stakeholders) of the client
  • Interpretation of a battery of leadership capability, personality, and behavioral psychometric instruments
  • A confidential, written report of findings
  • A set of preliminary development planning goals within the context of the executive’s future role

The purpose of this executive development assessment is to provide not only a benchmark of peers in similar organizations but also to identify the specific areas of opportunity for growth, refinement of skills, and other development needs. The assessment concludes in a meeting with your assessor to discuss areas for development and a suggested development planning guide.

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